Adding Free Stock Photos To Articles And Compressing Them

Guide to finding free stock photos on the internet and reduzing their file size

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Florian Lienert

Date: 13 September 2020 10:32

When adding articles to the news feed of a quest, it is required to include an image. Often, the photo of the original website gets adopted automatically but sometimes this doesn't work properly and no picture or the wrong one gets carried over.

Free Stock Photos

There are multiple different websites that offer free stock photos, my personal favorite: Unsplash. Hundreds of thousands of photographs under various topics, all to be used without attribution. When adding new articles, there isn't really a way to give credit to the original creator of the image, so this feature is essential.

To add an image to the article, visit, search for a topic (usually it's best to restrain your search to one or two words), choose one you like, click on download free and then upload it with your article as known.

Compressing Images

Oftentimes the photos from Unsplash are too big to be added to the article: images can not exceed 2.5 MB. There are different ways to reduze the file size.

One easy way that usually works best when the size of the image only exceeds 2.5 MB by a small margin, is to simple cut away parts of the image. Windows and Mac computers should both already have simple image editing software installed.

A different possibility is to reduce the size of the whole image. Gimp is a free image manipulation programm which works well for this purpose. Simply open the image with Gimp, then click on file -> export as -> export -> then drag the "quality" slider to the left and hit export.

There wasn't any info regarding this in the FAQ, so I thought this might help some. If you have any questions, you could ask them right in this thread.

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