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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 20 November 2018 10:28

The Labs (a fancy fun name for Humanitrack's forums) are where ideas can take shape and come to life.


Community Lab : For giving feedback and discussing community guidelines, from codes of conduct to site architecture and structure/systems and feature suggestions and tweaks.


Quest Lab : The global think tank for new ideas as well as suggestions for new Quests and Challenges, or any other quest related topic. The world wants to hear your good ideas or at least get inspired by your thinking. Come here to discuss a hot article when the comment section for the article becomes too limited.


Project Lab : Where people ask for guidance with their research or projects and can suggest new projects and collaborations within the community and look for people to do it with. So many individuals and groups are out there working on similar solutions but not working together...let’s change this!


Remember you can copy the URL from any forum thread and share it in comments or posts. This allows easy cross-collaboration between communities, calls to action, brainstorming beyond the comments of articles, etc!

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