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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 27 March 2019 09:29

Post your Quest hub related task results here, any updates or corrections needed, ideas for the SANDBOX tab, and of course your suggestions to the Solid-state Batteries community.

Adrián Garcia

Date: 30 April 2019 16:12

Three interesting articles regarding energy storage, renewable energy generators and the abundance of materials required for these technologies:

Ashwin Nambi

Date: 30 April 2019 16:26

As present state of Solid state battery research in a limbo for quite some time.

Measure of batteries with Kwh/weight and Kwh/litre will tell us more about where and how it can be used.

Florian Lienert

Date: 04 July 2020 12:30

Wasn't sure where to post bug reports but a task lead me here, so I'm just going to do it here:

So... when I click on my profile it takes me to a different page but just says "An unexpected error has occurred." or "500: Internal Server Error"

I tried on different devices, mobile and pc, different browsers but it still doesn't work. It used to work just fine until this morning.

Is this happening with everyone or just me?

Anyway, all the other sites still work, it's just the profile that shows this error. I don't mind it that much, just wanted to let you know in case this is happening with everybody or you didn't know!

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